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the humanessence. for humans being . . .

the humanessence is a resource service where people can reach out and be guided and supported and encouraged in creating their own culture, planting firm roots and learning ways to communicate and articulate so they can grow in all they do as individuals and with each other. it is an Ayurvedic based wellness practise rooted in the idea of encouraging with honest reflection, authentic community living, family practise and Montessori concepts.

our services are diverse and unique, they include but are not limited to the following . ..


for individuals of all ages, family, couples, and parents and businesses . .. our experience includes all ages of special needs.


providing meaningful and beautifully customised ceremonies of all sorts from weddings to births to celebrations of life . .. coming of age, adoptions, transitions, new spaces and more!! ordained to officiate since 2009.

doula services

post partum, life and transition including grief, loss and passing

essential core Habits organically

e.c.H.o. family practise

parenting/child rearing philosophy

e.c.H.o. habitat environment design

consulting/classes/workshops/discussion groups

self . family . business . home . school . habits . health . balance . divine feminine . fathers . awakened masculine . emerging adults . spirituality . ritual . diet . movement . art . medicine . energy . finding love . modern sexuality . lifestyle labels . cooking . new parents . blended families . community living . meditation . balance . dance . exercise . and more and more!!

life skill lessons for all ages

we specialise in rare classes focused on emerging adults (ages 13 to 25) addressing nearly anything you can imagine!

(and lessons for parents on how to teach them successfully at home)

energy work

reiki . clearing . readings and lessons


essential oils for health, emotions and fragrance

translation and communication with

mediation and reflection to improve relationships.

heirloom and transitional art

therapeutic, meditation, expression


including dinacharya, shirodhara and abhyanga


implementation in all aspects of life not just education